reddish egret
Reddish Egret photographed with Nikon 300D digital camera, 70-300 EDVR Lens and 600 Speedlight
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Digital Photography

Through a variety of circumstances I have entirely replaced my film camera equipment with Nikon digital equipment. I now shoot with a Nikon D300 body, a 70-300 ED VR lens and a Speedlight SB 600 flash. I have also added a 105mm Macro lens to help photograph insects. To create the web-site I used Adobe CS4 Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Lightroom. I had a variety of people tell me that the 70-300 lens was too short for doing bird photography. I think it's just fine. And since the proof is in the pudding I am listing pages, below, that have photography done by the digital equipment.


    willet white-tailed Kite    

Animals (mostly birds) and Plants Photographed with Digital Equipment

Brown Thrasher Magnolia Warbler
flower cactus flower cactus flower cactus flower cactus flower
In reference to the identification of the insects below, I should acknowledge that I am a good ornithologist, not an entomologist. All of the insects, and most of the flowers were shot with the 105 Macro lens.
conenose grasshopper milkweed largebee honeybee
Conenose Bug Differential Grasshopper Milkweed Caterpillar Large Carpenter Bee Honeybee